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Flotation Tank Experience - Relax Haven Byron Bay

Flotation Tank Experience - Relax Haven Byron Bay


Floatation Tank

Why not experience an incredible mind/body journey like nothing you have ever experienced before!

Can you imagine Floating in a warm water based Magnesium enriched environment with your body and mind relaxed into a state of deep relaxation, pleasure and healing!

Perhaps you can imagine the realigning of your physical, mental and even your spiritual self as you access the deep trance like meditative states of a Yogi Master.

Imagine the feeling of weightlessness and peace as your body gently readjusts in the tranquil warmth of a gravity defying environment!

Now that you can begin to imagine how good it feels, come in to the ‘Relax Haven’ and experience for yourself  the benefits of quietly relaxing in our therapeutic floatation tank. for an hour of the deepest healing and peace possible!

Amazing benefits of using our Flotation Tank

Relax in our floattank in Byron Bay

Relax in our floattank in Byron Bay

Float tanks have been clinically proven to help with;

  • Pain Relief
  • Physical recovery time accelerated
  • Stress Relief
  • Weight Lose and Breaking Addictions
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Enhanced Creativity and Visualization
  • Increased serotonin and endorphins
  • Increased digestion
  • Jet Lag and Sleep
  • Anxiety Dissipated
  • Improved integration and balancing of brain hemispheres
  • Detoxification

Isn’t it time you helped yourself back to health by enjoying one or more relaxing sessions in our therapeutic float tank?

1hr of relaxation and reintegration in our float tank is $79 however, if you book 3  sessions you receive an extra hour for free

Reserve your Float tank experience now!

02 66858304


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Peaceful Retreat

  • 2hrs of peaceful, private relaxation

  • No more inner noise
  •  30 mins in our relaxing, gentle music filled Sauna
  • 1 1/2hrs spent floating in the heated, blissful, magnesium enriched Float Tank, where there's nothing to do but relax and heal, and maybe meditate?
  • Deep inner peace and relaxation, float home!
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Opening hours:For your convenience we are;

Open Monday – Saturday: 10am – 6.30pm

Sundays: 11am – 5.30pm

Mail/address: Suite 3/107 Jonson street Byron Bay NSW 2481

Telephone: 02 – 6685 8304



On a recent visit to Byron Bay I booked a massage at the Relax Haven for some relaxation and deep tissue work . The service was great, the complimentary Infrared sauna absolutely awesome and the massage so good I booked another massage right away for myself and my partner.

I highly recommend the Relax Haven to anyone wanting to experience a truly great massage.

Mark Dobson Wollstonecraft NSW 2065

I was recently holidaying in Byron Bay and decided on a massage at the Relax Haven to help me relax from the stresses of my work.

The massage was categorically the best massage I have ever had, I have never felt so relaxed, nurtured and revitalized! In fact the massage was so good I changed my flight back to New Zealand so I had another 5 days in Byron Bay and I booked another 3 massages with the same therapist!

It was just what I needed. I really think everyone who goes to Byron Bay should get a massage at the Relax Haven.

Oh! If you are wondering the therapists name is Saywood and if the other therapists are as good as she is it is no wonder that ‘the Haven’ claims to give the best massage in Byron Bay!

Rob Wentworth Christchurch New Zealand

What did I enjoy at ‘the Haven’? The massage was brilliant, I really enjoyed the healing hands of Saywood, she is a brilliant therapist. I would recommend you guys to anyone, I was made to feel so welcome!

Stacy Ren Guildford rd Maylands Perth 6051

Absolutely great nurturing massage, just LURVED the Sauna was so very relaxing. Everybody there cares, you are all so friendly.

Breony I’m a local at Sunrise BVD

Thank you again Carine for your amazing massage!

As always, I found your massage to be a perfect blend of deep tissue work, yet still relaxing.

I trust you and your technique to get the tight muscles and stress out of my body and replace it with beautiful relaxation!

I will be back again soon for another massage.

Chris the Dentist (local)

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Relax Haven - Relaxation and natural healing

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Relax Haven Massage Byron Bay


*Booking policy
We require a deposit when booking any of our services and cancellations are treated as follows:
If you change or cancel the day before – no charge
If you change or cancel on the day:
If you rebook = 50%
If you don’t rebook = 100%

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